Lamberts-Lemon Yellow/Opal on Clear

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Lamberts flashed glass
These carefully mouthblown glasses are not coloured throughout their mass. They attain their coloration through the "flash" technique of glass blowing. One or more coloured glasses are applied to a clear or coloured base glass referred to as the "carrier glass". This method creates a practically unlimited variety of glasses. Multi-coloured glasses, glasses with or without shading, gently shaded, cloudy or torn - all may be produced using this method. White "milk" glasses, available in dense "opak" or translucent "opal" densities obscure views but allow light transmission.

Lamberts streaky glass
Lamberts streaky glasses display a quality only achieved through the centuries-old art of glassblowing. Every sheet created by this ancient process is a work of art displaying individual character - no two sheets are alike! Living colours of unsurpassed brilliance give this glass its incomparable flair.
Our pictures above can only hint at the subtleties of movement and play of colour within the actual glass sheets. They are to be used only as a general guide for your selection of these glasses. The colour number represents a glass that will display a similar character, colour, structure and movement from one sheet to the next. However, the painstaking methods of production bring individual variations into every sheet of this unique glass

NOTE: This glass is difficult to photograph. The image has been taken so you can visualize the colour against blue sky or white cloud. This glass has seeds and reams giving movement within the glass. The glass edge is in focus so see the texture and movement against the background. This glass is also available in full stock sheets 610x910mm – Please contact the stained glass office for more information 0151 207 1474 (option 3) or

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Lamberts-Lemon Yellow/Opal on Clear

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